Why All Social Media Managers Need A Bum Bag

One thing you should know about me…

I am always rocking a bum bag! (Or, for my American friends, a fanny pack!)


Honestly, I don’t know… I just started wearing quirky ones when I was at university, maybe as a ‘fashion statement’, and then I realised how truly convenient they were. Especially if you travel light like I do.

But why is this relevant for social media managers?

When we’re live-tweeting at events, we need all sorts of gadgets on our person. But wearing a bag is annoying and often gets in the way. So, I always have one of my assorted bum bags on instead!

Here’s what I can fit in mine when I am live-tweeting an event

  • Two phones – work and personal
  • Two portable chargers
  • USB charger cable and plug
  • Clip-on microphone that plugs into my phone
  • Pen (or several…)
  • Vaseline
  • Tissues
  • There is also room for a few pieces of paperwork with the details of event/attendees as needed

I have a litre wattle bottle with a big enough loop to thread onto the waistband of my bumbag, and then it conveniently sits on my hip all day as and when I need it. I can also loop my light jacket through it as well if I get warm.


Seriously, invest in bum bags.

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