Create The Perfect ‘How-To’ Pin For Pinterest

I continually find myself lost in a ‘Pinterest-hole’ for ages at a time. There’s something so soothing about scrolling through this platform, and it’s immensely more satisfying than catching up on the Facebook feed.

This is because Pinterest prioritises beautiful, inspiring and actionable content.

If your brand or service provides how-to videos/blogs posts, you are missing a huge opportunity by not using Pinterest. As a ‘visual search engine‘, Pinterest is the go-to platform people take to when they’re actively considering what to do or buy next. A staggering 87% of pinners take action on something that they saw on the platform. Unlike other social networking apps, pinners WANT brands to help them find ideas – especially ones personalised to their needs and wants.

With your existing videos and blogs, you already have the content you need to get started! You just need to create the perfect pin to link through to it from Pinterest.

Don’t panic! This doesn’t need to be a scary thought if you’re new to the Pinterest-world. It’s quite painless, I promise!

Here are some examples I recently made for the paint brand Cuprinol.

I used Adobe Photoshop to edit these from scratch, simply by lifting photos and screenshots from their existing blog and how-to videos, laying them out next to each other, and inserting white lines to neatly separate each image.

BUT there is an easier way if you’re not experienced with Adobe Photoshop. The solution is Canva! Canva has hundreds of FREE templates for Pinterest that you can use. You’re also able to customise the fonts/colours to match your branding and access their library of free stock imagery.

Whilst you’re editing, remember these top tips:

  • Text overlays are your friend. Make it clear to pinners what they are looking at, and they’ll be more likely to save, repin or click through if it’s of interest to them.
  • Branding is welcome, and encouraged, on Pinterest – so get your logo in there in a tasteful way.
  • Lead with your most visually inspiring content at the top of the pin, so that it is the first thing pinners see as they scroll down the feed.
  • The recommended size is 600px(w) by 900px(h), however you can go up to 1260px(h) before it cuts off in the feed.
  • Don’t forget to make sure your caption is SEO-optimised to improve its discoverability.

For further Pinterest reading, I highly recommend the following:
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(Featured Image: © Cuprinol 2018)

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